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When you are facing criminal charges, your future is on the line. Turn to representation with the experience and skill needed to fight for you.

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Strategic, Dynamic Representation In Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you are likely facing the overwhelming and confusing process of navigating the criminal justice system. You may not know what your rights are. You may not even fully understand what you are charged with and what that could mean to your future. You need representation that is on your side and will create defense strategies that are customized to your specific case and situation.

Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law, is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Redwood City, serving Northern California. He is committed to providing a one-on-one approach to understand your case and craft the best possible defense. He is deeply familiar with local courts, judges and district attorneys, providing him an understanding of the best possible strategies to approach each case.

As one of the few certified criminal attorneys in the county, clients are often referred to him because of his depth of legal understanding and his ability to achieve results.

If you are facing criminal charges, call Jeffrey B. Hayden, Attorney at Law, today for a consultation to learn your rights and your options. Call 650-381-9345.

Jeffrey Hayden handles all forms of criminal defense, including drug charges, theft, violent crimes, domestic violence and juvenile crimes. He has the experience and legal understanding you need on your side to achieve the best possible outcome — whether your case is resolved out of court or at trial.

There is life after criminal charges. Having the best possible criminal defense is the first step to returning life to normal. Jeffrey Hayden delivers solutions to your legal problems that help you start rebuilding.


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