DUI/Traffic Violation

The consequences of driving under the influence or other traffic related offenses continue to grow exponentially. At theTraffic same time, the legislature and courts alike have limited the application of many traditional defenses. If you have been stopped for driving under the influence, you have but ten days to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to request a hearing, or your license will be lost. Other seemingly minor offenses such as letting your drivers license lapse can result in your car being impounded for weeks.

My name is Jeff Hayden, and I am in my twentieth year of practicing law. I have handled thousands of cases involving allegations of vehicular crimes ranging from driving with an expired license to vehicular manslaughter involving alcohol and with gross negligence to assault with a deadly weapon: a vehicle. I have worked with experts throughout the state, and even the country, and have remained current with both the new defenses and technology available to assist in your case.

Anyone can be accused at any time, but it takes a smart, experienced lawyer to apply the best possible defense. Sometimes this may mean taking the case to trial. Other times, it may mean making motions, conducting a thorough investigation or simply looking for a way to explain your circumstances.

In evaluating your case, I will take into account all that led to the incident in a culturally relevant manner. It may be that you were falsely accused, or that you have a defense, justification or excuse. There may be facts in mitigation - reasons the offense, even if true, should not be treated harshly. Finally, there may be a need to make the focus not just what happened, but who was involved: I can present you as a person to the court and prosecution alike.

Please feel free to contact my law office so that I can give you a free consultation regarding the charges you are facing. I will not be judgmental, but will explore all possibilities to achieve the best outcome possible.